Dr.med. Firyuza Mustafina (Moscow, Russia)


Name: Mustafina Firyuza

Date of birth: February 6, 1973

Place of birth: Moscow

Languages: Russian, English.


e-mail: mus-firuza@yandex.ru

tel. +7(903) 215 5029

      +7(916) 0933682 WA


Studied medicine at the state medical Academy Akhunbaeva 1994.

MD Degree from the Moscow medico-dental university (1995). Thesis: Research of indicators of microcirculation for determination of efficiency of treatment of the catarrhal gingivit with use of laser radiation at persons, 2002

Employment experiences:

I have 2 patents in my name, diagnostics of vascular defeats at children in the head and a neck participated in development of an innovative technique, by means of a method of a computer capillaroscopy.

Employment experiences abroad:

since 2009 working as a senior researcher and doctor of functional diagnostics, I have  passed professional retraining under the program of additional professional education „Functional diagnostics“. Total work experience of 24 years.

Fields of research:

-The study of inflammatory periodontal diseases

-The study of the state system of microcirculation by the method of computer capillaroscopy

– Evaluation criteria microgemodynamics disorders in periodontal tissues

– The assessment of the microcirculation in the locus of hyperplasia of blood vessels (so-called IG, CH) of maxillofacial area in children with the computer capillaroscopy method.

– The method of computer capillaroscopy in the study of the pathogenesis of vascular lesions in children in oral and maxillofacial region


A member of the national Association of active longevity

Participation in International Meetings:

  •   XXI Congress of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery.Dubrovnik, Croatia 2012.
  • Report on IV International Symposium on hemangiomas and vascular malformations. (USA, Arkansas, April 6, 2013.)
  • Report on the meeting of the Nordic Association for the study of vascular anomalies. (Helsinki, may 6-7, 2013)
  • Special ISSUE To ISSVA 20the International Workshop on Vascular Anjmalies, Melborn (Australia).2014 S31-34
  • .IAPD, Scotland, Glasgow, 02.07.2015.
  • 8th conference of the european federation of periodontologi, London,  3-6 june, 2015.
  • 18 Biennial Congress 2017, 14-16 September 2017, Brussels, Belgium.

Publications: 27